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Galaten 3:27

U allen die door de doop één met Christus bent geworden, hebt u met Christus omkleed.

-- Galaten 3:27

verklaring vanuit de Geneva Study Bible:
3:27 For as many of you as have been (y) baptized into Christ have (z) put on Christ.

Using the words “many of you”, lest the Jews should think themselves free from the ordinance of baptism, he pronounces that baptism is common to all believers, because it is a outward sign of our delivery in Christ, to the Jews as well as to the Greeks, that by this means all may be truly one in Christ, that is to say, that promised seed to Abraham, and inheritors of everlasting life.
(y) He sets forth baptism, as opposed to circumcision, which the false apostles bragged so much of.
(z) The Church must put on Christ, as it were a garment, and be covered with him, that it may be thoroughly holy, and without blame.

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